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We take in all scrap computers
When your computer or laptop dies or becomes too old to service, you may be tempted to simply 'dump' it. You would be surprised how many people do just that.

Not only is this bad for the environment but it is wasting your money. Unlike most computer recycle companies who charge you to remove old IT equipment, we do not charge forremoving all surplus, old or broken computers and laptops as we are able to re-use some of the internal parts.

We even collect, saving you a trip to the landfill site.

We guarantee to recycle 100% of all computer and IT equipment

  • Great for the environment and your children's future planet
  • FREE collection every time
  • We collect ANY old computers and laptops, regardless of age and condition

We collect redundant computers from schools, businesses and private individuals.

Licenced waste carriers and licenced to handle and recycle all IT waste

School recycling service
Prompt collection of all unwanted IT equipment
We guarantee that all private data is destroyed and supply a written confirmation, including drive serial numbers. Our data destruction service is FREE of charge and carried out to government standards and regulations

We are fully WEEE compliant and adhere or exceed all government regulations

Business recycling service
As a business you have a legal obligation
to dispose of old IT equipment safely and responsibly.

Normal practice is to employ (and pay) a recycling company to collect your IT 'waste'. This can be very expensive. Lincolnshire Computers have a very different approach - we do not class IT equipment as waste as it is all recyclable. We therefore collect FREE OF CHARGE!

If your business is upgrading your computer systems, you can easily dispose of your old equipment. We collect almost anything promptly. Same day collection, anywhere in Lincolnshire in most cases.
We guarantee that all private data is destroyed and supply a written confirmation, including drive serial numbers.

The only items we don't collect are old CRT computer monitors as we do not have the facilities or licence to dispose of them safely. We can take any flat screen monitors. We also certify when hard drives are wiped clean (to Govt standards), or destoyed.

Call us today and arrange collection of your unwanted computer scrap and IT equipment
Alternatively, drop in at the shop with your old IT equipment

Office: 01775 722892

Alternatively, complete the enquiry form here and we will call you back