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Laptop and computer repairs in Spalding, Pinchbeck and surrounding villages

Laptop repairs
Most repairs can be carried out for just £20.00 plus any parts required. We have a team of fully qualified computer engineers that work 7 days a week, guaranteeing a fast turnaround on your repair. We offer a free diagnosis of your laptop to establish the fault and will confirm any required work before starting. We can supply from stock, or order any parts required and will quote you the exact price, before starting any work. We have no inflated or false prices !


We can re-install all versions of Windows on your laptop or computer, providing you have the original discs and/or a valid Windows serial number on your unit.

Broken screen or keyboard? We always have around 500 laptops in stock that we can use for spare parts - we may just have yours in stock. We could replace your laptop screen for as little as £60.00 or your keyboard for as low as £15.00. Read our testimonials here . Our laptop scrap yard can also be useful if you are missing a small part.

Computer repairs
The most common faults with computers can be fixed within one hour and we have most parts in stock. We are often able to offer a same day service. Our computer repairs include hardware and software. We have in stock, replacement power supplies, hard drives, CDRoms and DVD drives along with many other parts. Just drop your computer in at any time for a FREE diagnosis and cost effective repair.

We can help if your computer:

  • Fails to boot into Windows
  • Runs slow or noisy
  • Has lost sound or video
  • Won't turn on (no power)
  • Constantly crashes
  • DVDs or CDs won't play
  • Can't connect to the internet or email

Annual service
All computers become slow over time due to the amount of junk files that accumulate on your hard drive. All computers draw in dust which clogs the fans, causing them to run slow and often hot. Our annual service costs just £54.99 and includes:

  • Removal of all junk files and cleaning up unused applications
  • Cleaning of case interior and all fans
  • Speed and performance diagnostic report
  • Safety examination of all electrical parts and cables

Our annual service takes approximately one hour and can be done the same day in most cases. We have an email reminder service that will contact you when your service is due each year. Compare our price with other shops first - we guarantee you will not find a cheaper and better service.

If your computer is more than a few years old, chances are, a simple upgrade can speed it up and make it more efficient. Our upgrade services include memory upgrades, installing larger hard drives, new and faster graphics cards and the latest software. We can supply parts at very competitive prices and most upgrades can be done within one hour. Because we buy our parts at discounted prices, these massive savings are passed straight onto you. For example, a new 1Gb memory upgrade costing £30 in the shop can be supplied for as little at £11. A new power supply costing £43 in a shop can be supplied for just £12.

Virus removal
There are few of us that have not been the victim of a computer virus at some point and some can cause immense damage to your computer hardware and software. In the worst case, you can be denied access to your computer and can lose important files. We have the tools to remove 99.9% of viruses and restore your computer to working condition. We can also install up to date anti-virus programs to prevent further damage.

Our virus removal service is confidential. We respect your privacy even when the virus has come from adult sites or similar.... We never ask or assume

Data recovery and copy services
If you have lost important documents for any reason, chances are, we can recover them for you. We also offer a back-up service where we can transfer documents between computers and hard drives. We can supply your documents on DVD if required. Our data services start at just £9.99.

Data back-up onto DVD or your external hard drive;

1-4Gb £9.99
5-9Gb £15.00
10-20Gb £18.00
21-40Gb £21.00
41-60Gb £30.00
60--90Gb £40.00
90Gb + Please request quote

Most common repairs undertaken

Virus removal

Virus removal
We have the tools to remove viruses from your computer and ensure you don't get any more

Hard drive replacement
Hard drive repairs
If your hard drive fails, we can install a new one and in most cases, retrieve your data

Memory upgrade
Memory doesn't last forever. We can replace faulty memory chips and upgrade if needed